The only positions I can make my girlfriend cum I can't keep up.. I don't get any stimulation in the positions.. any ideas!?

As well as using sexual stimulants such as viagra or aphrodisiacs during sex to keep the penis hard and prolong you sexual performance, you could also try using toys on her to stimulate her more whilst in positions that work better for you. I find the bullets and vibrators provide more stimulation on the clitoris. A large number of women are unable to cum without clitoral stimulation anyway, so this could be a massive bonus!

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My bf asked me to deep-throat him. I know it means his cock in my mouth/throat, but what do i do? i'm completely ignorant of it. and he asked me to try swallowing his semen. what is sexy to him about this? any tips on oral in general? how do I passionately kiss? i don't know what to do w/ my lips, so pull back after, like, 2 seconds. also, we've been sexting (no photos, just talk). any tips on how to change my texts up and surprise him? sorry, i'm clueless!

Deep throating is simply pushing the penis into the throat during fellatio and the deeper penetration provides more pleasure for a man. You can incorporate licking the penis too, stimulating just the tip of his penis (this is very sensitive) with the tongue, before slowly getting deeper and deeper until his penis touches your throat. This can often be uncomfortable for the giver and can result in gagging but doing it often can build up a resistance to the reflex.

Also try softly massaging the testicles and using the hands to stimulate the shaft whilst using the mouth on the tip of his penis. Don’t be afraid to experiment and if it doesn’t result in the reaction you expected, just laugh it off! Good sexual relationships are build on good communication, so don’t be scared to ask him what he would like you to do.

Good luck!

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I'm really shy so I wont come off anon, but I did have a question. I believe my hymen is broken, but i can't be sure. I recent had a little fling with a former flame and things got heavy. We ended up in his bed and what not. He asked if he could enter me and i agreed. But as soon as he started it hurt so i told him to stop. I haven't bled, but I did go to the bathroom and I noticed a red mucous-like substance floating. Could this be my hymen? or part of it?

Your hymen is a little bit of skin that covers the entrance to the vagina and while this does break, it doesn’t usually come away from the body completely. I would say you may have experienced a bit of bleeding from what you described and your hymen could be broken. You will be able to tell from looking in the mirror if it is broken.

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hey im 17 and i wanna lose my virginity but i jsut don't know what to do

Hi anonymous,

I’d say wait until you find someone you feel comfortable, and care for, enough, to have sex with. If it’s any conciliation, I was 18 years old when I first had sex. It wasn’t the best experience because I rushed to find someone because I was worried about being a virgin but most people lose it around this age. If you have sex with someone you can talk to and communicate with well, then you will both find it easier to talk about what you like, so not knowing what to do won’t be so much of an issue.

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Have you ever fingered yourself while chatting with one of your followers?

All the time!

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Soo I'm about to be 21 and im still a virgin my friends always tease me and i hate it cuz i just wanna get it over with but at the same time im scared cause im so insecure about myself and i get a lot of anxiety sometimes when i talk to guys. im so weird and you prob wont be able to help lol :( sorry

I’ve known a few people that have lost their virginity later than most, and while it may seem embarrassing and shameful to you, you will be less likely to regret it. I’d say save it for someone you really care for. Your friends may not believe that sex is all that important or ‘sacred’ which is a personal choice, of course, but at the same time sex is a lot better when experienced with a love term partner or someone you care about and communicate with well. 

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